Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The first and greatest documentary about Holocaust

The 30 minutes documentary, is in these videos above, so anyone can (and shall) watch it.

Nuit et Brouillard.
A documentary directed by Alain Renais, only 10 years after the end of World War II.
Everything in this movie embarrasses and pleases me. Embarrasses as a human, pleases as a cinema student. The classical music, the green fields, the constant ironies, the calm voice “story teller” of the victim/narrator, the images of bodies that become images of corpses, that become unrecognizable parts of human remains. The picture of pain, that although laconic, leaves the spectator with a long and acute sensation of agony.

I felt guilty like all must feel, not because I was there, not because I was directly responsible for something… I wasn’t even alive.
I feel myself guilty for thinking similarly to many others: At least is over.

But it is not over and it will never finish. While movies like this allow the holocaust to keeps a living creature in our memories, the pain of all who have suffered will continue to be felt and the evilness of the guilty ones will never be forgotten.

The final phrases: “Who’s fault is this? Who’s fault is this? We are all to blame...”


Tiago Almeida said...

Sabes que noticia falta aqui?! A meu ver claro, porque manda aqui és tu... Uma referência ao "Milano International Film Festival 2010"; nomeadamente para o vencedor do prémio Best Short 15-30 min, para o jovem realizador André Badalo, português, amigo... com a curta SHOT ME. Muito bom... http://vimeo.com/9136769

Pop Champagne said...

the video has been removed, so I couldn't see it :(

Candice Van Haltren said...


Thanks for your comment.
Im not the photographer, and dont do any post-production editing, but thanks anyway!

His style is very cine-animatic!